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CMS in django:

In later last year, I tried to find a CMS in django for my website. At first, I came across the Django CMS1, which seem appealed. After trying setup  and configured for the site with two languages and a blog, It got many errors. So, I abandoned it. May be my little experience with django app then. I will try again in near future.

Then, I found Mezzanine2 that seem promising. I tried some themes but they are seems old and it does not support them any more. After some searching, I found a tutorial for theme creating for Mezzanine and tried with some steps and it seems working. So, I made one for my own by using the same template from that tutorials. The big advantages of mezzanine is that it has a fabric deployment script already and multi-language support. The multi-sites feature seem not working very well until now.

Another one is checking now is Wagtail3 which first look very simple page but when taking a deeper toe, there are many interesting features. It provide you a website without pages. So you cannot add/edit a simple for your website unless you have to work with a default - home model for homepage. Then you have to fiddle with template for the homepage. That will be shocked for someones if they want a website which can click and go like ones in wordpress or blog/cms in php. But with its document/tutorial at hand, you can put up the homepage, blog pages including index, tags and post pages. It not only has features like mazzanine like Page, Orderable, RichTextField, etc but also advanced ones like StreamField, ElastichSearch plugin, Image Features detections. The StreamField should be good for CMS while the other two are good for data analytic. I will check them out soon.

Conclusion: For 1, it seems slow in admin pages, particularly the publish function while 2, and 3 seems fast in admin and userside.